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Our male Exatlon winner

Our male Exatlon winner

The third season of Exatlon Hungary ended with broadcasting 113, and Bálint Herczeg-Kis won the main prize of HUF 15 million.

Saint Grete win over After the men also won the Exatlon, in the final, Bálint Herczeg-Kis proved to be the best, he could take the grand prize of 15 million.

Bálint Herczeg-Kis and Ákos Wald remained in contention for the final, as they were on the Challengers team. They also became friends. According to the paper model, Palent also had to win, having completed 262 missions to the last broadcast, and had 168 wins, that is, his performance was 64% – while Ákos won 73 of 129 races, that is, 57%.

kos Wald and Bálint Herczeg-Kis with the award. Click on the image to open gallery!Source: TV2

On the last show, Balint chose his first obstacle course and a skill mission: He won five races in a row, winning the first set smoothly, 5-0.

Meanwhile, Ákos became more nervous, but the wet path he had chosen, mine, followed. However – thanks to the skill assignment – Balint scored points in the first round as well, and Ákos was only able to tie in the second round.

The riders later went head-to-head: Ákos was faster on the track, but the skill assignment was better for Bálint – although in one race László Palik was still dependent on the finish picture. In the end, Balint won the set 5-3, making it 2-0 when he looked at the sets: Doomsday’s critical trajectory was no longer needed in the match.

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