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Windows 11 can rub your nose if your PC isn't ready for AI breakthroughs – PCW

Windows 11 can rub your nose if your PC isn't ready for AI breakthroughs – PCW

Worrying details have emerged regarding the upcoming big update to Windows 11.

Although Windows 11, which launched in the fall of 2021, introduced a more streamlined and thoroughly modern design and updated a number of factory apps, nearly 70 percent of users are firmly committed to Windows 10, not least because of its requirements. Top devices of the new generation. .

Although there were earlier rumors that the guys from Redmond would come back and come up with a more user-friendly operating system, as the current situation stands, the company is finally coming forward and trying to make Windows 11 more attractive with AI functions. Which is coming this year – 24H2 – and will bring an update.

Based on a recent discovery, this leads to new limitations in hardware requirements, even disabling the system to run on older CPUs that lack the SSE4.2 instruction set, on which Windows 11 can be used in conversions until now. Now further details regarding the machine requirements for the upcoming AI solutions have been revealed.

The code diver named Albacore is Searching for internal issue #26200, he found cluesthat the system will check whether our computer is suitable to run a program called AI File Explorer, and if we do not have the appropriate hardware, we will encounter a warning message.

All we know so far about the AI ​​File Explorer, also referred to as Advanced Copilot, is that it will be one of the upcoming AI attractions, and essentially promises to be a turbocharged version of the personal assistant Cortana that was killed off last year.

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The previously released beta 26100 also includes hardware requirements for the new software, according to which AI File Explorer will only run on ARM64 processors with 16GB of memory. Since this is a very narrow framework, it's possible that the new software will eventually be a Surface-exclusive solution, just as it's also possible that the folks from Redmond will expand the range of compatible resources in the future.

In any case, the Windows 11 24H2 update will debut sometime in the second half of the year, likely around September, so we'll have answers ready in a couple of months at most. The new version is not only trying to salvage Windows 11's reputation, but it is also launching a so-called attack on PCs powered by artificial intelligence, the significance of which we analyze in this article.

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