He is a founding member of the group Color .

He is a founding member of the group Color .

Tibor Bokor, founding member and former composer of the band Color, died on December 2 at a Los Angeles hospital, writes Dahir Based on a statement issued by the family.

Tibor Bokor was born in 1955. In the 1960s, they formed a band called BOKOR with their two brothers, Attila and Gyula, which later became DOTE as orchestra from the Medical University of Debrecen, and finally with guitarist Emile Lammer and cellist Laszlo Puglia. color is called Keep working.

Training in Debrecen 1977 Who knows what?At first, a At the Dance Song Festival He took second place. Two albums have been released, the most famous of them being I am afraid Their number one on the Hungarian youth list at the time was Nine Weeks In 1981, Since then it has become a true classic.

Their third album has not been released due to The brothers left the country. Tibor Bokor moved to the United States, where he had a serious medical career as Chief Rheumatologist. The band’s third album was finally released in 1999 color 3 with the address.

a Dahir According to the Bokor brothers, it was suggested several times that they would return to Debrecen and return to the stage. However, this never happened.

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