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According to the news, he served as US Secretary of Defense intensively for several days

According to the news, he served as US Secretary of Defense intensively for several days

The minister apologized to the public, because almost no one knew that he was being treated in the hospital.

Lloyd AustinThe US Secretary of Defense issued a statement on Saturday in which he apologized to the Americans, and also admitted that the public was not sufficiently informed of his hospitalization. According to MTI's review, the minister stressed that he bears responsibility for the way information is presented, and pledged to pay more attention in the future. He also thanked the doctors for their care, and said he was preparing to continue his work and return to the Pentagon.

Austin's hospitalization since Monday was acknowledged late Friday by a Pentagon spokesman, who noted that the secretary had been at Walter Reed Army Hospital near Washington since Jan. 1. Bat Ryder He said that the Prime Minister underwent treatment for complications after a planned surgical intervention. The spokesman did not provide information about his minister’s condition today, Friday, citing the change in the situation. But according to information received from the authorities, Lloyd Austin received intensive care. Meanwhile, the leadership of the department that controls the armed forces of the United States Kathleen Hicks He assumed the position of Deputy Minister.

According to media reports, the issue caused a conflict between the administration’s leaders, especially because of… Atmosphere Biden The President was also informed by the National Security Advisor only Thursday afternoon. Jake sullivanThis happened after he learned that the Minister of Defense remained in the hospital. The Pentagon Press Association, an organization of defense policy journalists, objected to Pentagon secrecy in a letter of protest. The mere fact that “the Secretary is at Walter Reed and that the Pentagon is alerting the public just four days later is outrageous at a time of increasing threats to American soldiers serving in the Middle East and the important American role in the Middle East,” they wrote. In the wars in Ukraine and Israel, it is especially important for the American public to be aware of the health and decision-making capabilities of its first Secretary of Defense. Their indignation is supported by the fact that the current procedure followed by the Pentagon to hide the hospitalization of Lloyd Austin really contradicts the generally accepted practice of providing information about the US President and senior officials.

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After 41 years of military service, 70-year-old Lloyd Austin retired with the rank of general in 2016, and since January 2021 he has served as Secretary of Defense in the Biden administration.

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