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A search company claims to have found Amelia Earhart's plane

A search company claims to have found Amelia Earhart's plane

Photo: Deep Sea Vision/AFP

Deep Sea Vision, an American deep-sea research company, says it has found traces of an aircraft on the ocean floor in a part of the Pacific Ocean, west of Howland Island, the intended destination of Amelia Earhart. According to the company, these could be the remains of the plane of the famous American explorer Amelia Earhart. Agence France-Presse reports. Earhart disappeared over the Pacific Ocean in 1937.

Amelia Earhart is considered one of the most important figures in the history of aviation, and a pioneering female aviator. Amelia was born in Kansas in 1897. Her family tried to discourage Amelia from flying, but despite everything, their daughter set several records in the early days of aviation. In 1932, she became the first female pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Five years later, he set out on an even greater adventure: he wanted to fly around the Earth.

He was already halfway there when his plane disappeared on July 2, 1937 somewhere over the Pacific Ocean. The plane wreckage was never found, and Amelia Earhart's disappearance remains one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of the 20th century.

Deep Sea Vision experts say they worked at a depth of 5,000 meters using sonar and an unmanned underwater vehicle, the latter of which also captured a blurry image of the suspected wreck. They say this “reveals features that reflect the size and unique double tail of the aircraft.”

“We've always felt that way [Earhart] “He would have done his best to land the plane gently on the water, and the outline of the plane we see in the sonar image also indicates that,” DSV CEO Tony Romeo said.

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According to the DSV website, the research team spent 90 days searching an area of ​​13,500 square kilometers of ocean floor. The exact location of the suspected wreckage has not yet been announced.

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