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A Russian team broke another decades-old record
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A Russian team broke another decades-old record

In March of this year, we already had a compilation of decades-old records broken by Marco Rossi’s Hungarian national football team, which set the record back in September…

Marco Rossi had reason to smile before and after the match against the Czechs – with his side unbeaten since last September (Photo: Marton Koncz)

After the draw with the Czech Republic, the Hungarian national football team was unbeaten in eight matches (five wins and three draws). The last time he was beaten by the Italians was on September 26 last year 2–0 in the Nations League. It also means that when we next play against the Serbs in October, It’s been over a year since our last defeat.

The last time this happened was 22 years ago, between 23 February 2000 (Hungary-Australia 0-3) and 2 June 2001 (Romania-Hungary 2-0). At that time, our team remained unbeaten in 12 matches, most of which were preparatory matches, and we won only four out of 12. We played eight draws. For example, we only tied against Saudi Arabia and Jordan. And then we didn’t go anywhere with a long unbeaten streak, because we couldn’t reach the 2002 World Cup, we finished only fourth in our group behind Italy, Romania and Georgia, and we could only pass the Lithuanians. . However, the situation is a little different now, and it’s not just the Lithuanians who are lagging behind us in the table…

By the way, Marco Rossi already had a longer losing streak at 11 matches From September 2020 to June 2021, but then not a year passed between the National League match against the Russians (2-3) and the Euro match against the Portuguese (0-3).

By the way, a record could appear much longer than this current series. After 1976, we could again finish a calendar year unbeaten if we were unbeaten in the remaining four matches (At home we will play against Serbia and Montenegro, and away from our home against Lithuania and Bulgaria). Laughing at this suggestion from MTI, Rossi responded in the post-match press conference against the Czechs by saying that he was only 12 years old at the time…

Hungary Selected Program for 2023

Preparatory match
March 23:
Hungary – Estonia 1-0

European Commission qualifiers
March 27: Hungary – Bulgaria 3-0
June 17: Montenegro – Hungary 0-0
June 20: Hungary – Lithuania 2-0
September 7: Serbia-Hungary 1-2

Preparatory match
September 10: Hungary-Czech Republic 1-1

European Commission qualifiers
October 14, 8.45pm: Hungary-Serbia
October 17, 8.45pm: Lithuania – Hungary
November 16, 8:45 pm: Bulgaria-Hungary
November 19, 3 pm: Hungary-Montenegro

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