A huge kangaroo can be seen in Australia’s oldest rock drawing

New one a study Experts are identifying the oldest known drawing of Cave of Australia using the new isotope technology of carbon, according to reports Scimex. Based on the results, the work, which shows a two-meter high kangaroo, is roughly 17,300 years old. The rock painting is located in the Kimberley region in Western Australia.

Dr Damian Finch of the University of Melbourne and his team determined the age of wasp nest remains discovered at 16 ancient sites. This is an entirely new dating method that has been used to support that a kangaroo photo is Australia’s first rock art. The work is located on the sloping roof of a recess in Balanggarra County. Researchers previously sought to determine the age of the images based on the style of the drawings and the overlap between the figures, thus they found that the nature period was the first generation of drawings. This group features life-sized animal shapes, a perfect example of the kangaroo style we’re studying now.

Three and three wasp nests were found below and above the rock drawing lines, and with their help they were able to determine that the number was at most 17,500 years old and at least 17,100 years old. Since the work reminds us so much of the 40,000-year-old drawings of the Southeast Asian archipelago, it is possible that there is a cultural connection between the two regions.

The team’s next goal is to assess the age of additional cave drawings using a procedure based on the history of hornet’s nests. Similar studies can help you better understand the world of contemporaries.

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