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A.M.: Kazakh-Hungarian agrarian relations should be further strengthened

A.M.: Kazakh-Hungarian agrarian relations should be further strengthened

Istvan Nagy said in Astana on Monday, during a meeting with the Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Kazakhstan, that there are more opportunities for cooperation in the field of seed breeding and apple growing between Kazakhstan and Hungary, which we would like to promote. Agriculture (r).

The prime minister pointed out that agriculture plays a prominent role in the two countries. In addition, very important cooperations are being formed between our economies. In the field of seed breeding and cultivation, there is serious cooperation between Kazakh and Hungarian companies.

The minister explained this, according to the statement

“Hungarian plant genetics is doing excellently, that’s why we want to take the collaboration to a higher level in this field. With the help of a Hungarian investor, a modern seed processing plant can be built to help grow the plants.”

This development has the full support of the Hungarian government. This process can also be a great opportunity for local breeders of the Central Asian hop. The minister added that this intention is in line with Kazakhstan’s position of producing maize on an area of ​​one million hectares.

Istvan Nagy also spoke about “A serious partnership can also develop in terms of apple cultivation, which we want to take to a higher level. There are also additional opportunities between our two countries in the areas of education and science. Through the exchange of students and researchers, we can improve our relations further. We are pleased to bring our local expertise and programs to Kazakhstan. The basis of a safe food supply is having the right professionals.” The minister added.

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