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A huge scandal broke out over the last photo of Princess Katalin: the photo could have been blatantly manipulated – Világstzár

A huge scandal broke out over the last photo of Princess Katalin: the photo could have been blatantly manipulated – Világstzár

Yesterday, the palace released a new photo About Princess Catherine Regarding his children on the occasion of Mother’s Day, Prince William allegedly registered for them last week. Although the fantasy photo impressed many, some eagle-eyed fans closely analyzed the photo and highlighted some serious Photoshop errors, prompting several agencies to take a tough call.

The scandal broke out over a photo of Princess Katalin

Several details were noted in the recording. On the one hand, there is Princess Charlotte's skirt, which stands somewhat strangely on the right side of the little girl, as if the dress is not her size. His jacket sleeve is not visible at one point from his left hand, which is exactly why he decided to do this The Associated Press, Reuters and Agence France-Presse have withdrawn the image from their presentation because they believe it has been doctored, the Associated Press wrote. CNN.

The other reason they used to justify their decision was Princess Catalin's zipper, which at one point was much lighter than the rest of the photo. In an analysis video uploaded to TikTok, it was also noted that while the children look directly at the camera, Katalin appears to be looking to the side. When we look at this picture, her eyes don't seem strange to us.

According to many, Prince Louis' right index finger also looks as if it has been cut off, but the little boy can easily hold it in this position.

Kensington Palace has not yet responded to the Photoshop allegations. This was the first photo published of Princess Catalin since her surgery last January. It is very unpleasant for the family, because there are a lot of theories about Katalin.

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