An electrician caught fire early Tuesday evening Renault Zoe In Varmos, in the courtyard of the family home, firefighters dealt with the flames mercilessly. But before that, the fire treated the poor car mercilessly.

“He was burned and then stabbed,” the letter said. In the disaster management statement. The battery constantly overheated, fire threatened the adjacent building, and the situation became so brutal that the burning wreckage had to be placed in a “punishment basin.” Local volunteers and professional firefighters from Nagikata extinguished the flames and cooled the battery with a fire extinguisher, then examined the car.

Home firefighters then stabbed a car

The firefighters' work was assisted by the Pest County Disaster Prevention Operations Service. The units placed the completely burned wreckage of the car in a container filled with water until it cooled completely and completely, without giving it the opportunity to ignite again.

Hungarian firefighters then stabbed a car

The answer to whether a conventional fuel car or an electric car is more difficult to put out is not clear. According to experts, an electric car fire is different from a traditional fire. As long as the superstructure and body are inoculated, there is not much difference between the two, and the inoculation materials used are also similar – Water, dust, carbon dioxide -, But a special fire lance is also used for lithium-ion batteries, which can be used to cool the internal part of the battery, and in the event of a major problem, the entire car can be placed in a container – depending on the conditions, raised or raised – to then extinguish the container by dousing it with water or electric fire Or just cool the battery.

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