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16 strange things that are confusing people, but internet experts explain it all

16 strange things that are confusing people, but internet experts explain it all

More and more things appear in the world every day, and no brain can handle such a huge amount of information. However, 2.7 million minds can easily handle it, since there are so many Reddit participants “What is this thing?” (What is this thing?) Society. Curious forum members send photos of their mysterious discoveries every day so they can finally get answers to their questions and sleep peacefully.

the LikeWe have once again collected for you a collection of pictures of strange and unknown things, and of course we did not forget to include the answers, which will make everyone a little smarter and more educated.

1. Question: What is this keychain-sized thing? It has a blade that looks like a wallpaper cutter, a removable perforated plastic cover that looks like a whistle, and a button that, when pressed, protrudes a little metal bar on the other side.

Stranger Things 032

Answer: “It is a rescue tool after car accidents. The metal rod is used to break glass, and the blade is used to cut seat belts.

He wrote in the comments that although the tool looks fragile, it actually works. By the way, the cover really whistles.

2. Question: “I found some glass tubes filled with brown gas in the science lab at school.”

Stranger Things 031Stranger Things 031

Answer: “This is nitrogen dioxide gas.”

Stranger Things 030Stranger Things 030

A tube filled with brown gas is placed in an ice bath and students observe that the brown gas becomes transparent and small, white, slightly bluish condensates/sediments form at the bottom. When the tube is removed from the ice bath, the gas inside turns brown again.

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3. Question: “A 60cm long roll with Velcro. There is a soft material on the outside and a kind of flexible foam on the inside.

Stranger Things 029Stranger Things 029

Continuing description: “I got it for free at a garage sale. The seller had no idea what it was. It's like a foam yoga pillow, but not quite as firm. The foam inside is completely sealed.”

Answer: “It's a foam bar that you can place over a barbell for a more comfortable workout.”

Stranger Things 028Stranger Things 028

4. Question: “I found this egg on the beach. It floated in the water and was very hard. In addition, the inscription “Maxer” could be read on it.

Stranger Things 027Stranger Things 027

Answer: “It is a fake egg. In laying hens, it is used when taking eggs so that the bird does not bite them. It can also be used to train chickens to lay eggs for us where we want them.”

Stranger Things 026Stranger Things 026

“Sometimes, when my hens lay fertile eggs, they get angry. So, my wife buys such a fake egg, carefully replaces it with a real egg, and then takes it to the hatchery. That way, the angry hen still feels like she's sitting on an egg, and she doesn't have to worry about “The chicken pecked at her,” one commenter shared her story. This is almost an Indiana Jones scene.

5. Question: “A small soft pillow with a Velcro strap that is part of my cancer and chemotherapy kit. It is odorless and has no rice.

Stranger Things 025Stranger Things 025

Answer: “It's a seatbelt pad so it doesn't irritate sensitive areas, like dislodging the inserted catheter, etc.”

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6. Question: “I got this as a gift at college. A yellow nylon disc with a metal frame and a swivel plastic hook attached to the rim.”

Stranger Things 024Stranger Things 024

Answer: “It is a foldable fan that folds into its own handle to take up much less space.”

Stranger Things 023Stranger Things 023

The metal frame inside the fan is twisted into a figure eight, which must be folded in half and inserted into the white handle.

7. Question: “The Hilton City Center Milwaukee hotel was built in 1928. As I was walking down the hallways, I noticed that most of the doors, except on my floor, had this kind of thing around the door handles. What is it?”

Stranger Things 022Stranger Things 022

Answer: “These are bumpers that prevent the cleaning cart from hitting door handles when being pulled through a doorway.”

It is important to note that this is not to protect the historic hotel's antique door handles, but to prevent the cleaning cart from hitting the door handles when pushed. When the car is pushed forward, the door opens comfortably without jamming.

8. Question: “A ceramic object with blunt ceramic teeth that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. I think it might be a kitchen tool of some sort.”

Stranger Things 021Stranger Things 021
Stranger Things 020Stranger Things 020

Answer: “It's a Parmesan grater.”

Stranger Things 019Stranger Things 019

You hold Parmesan cheese in one hand and this thing in the other, and then you start grating the cheese with your teeth, and it crumbles.

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