New Fenyx Rising DLC, We already know when

New Fenyx Rising DLC, We already know when

Although few people have accessed Immortals at home, Ubisoft Zelda is a great – albeit not very unique – experience that everyone should try, especially if Breath of the Wild has always been interesting but never had the opportunity. To do this in the absence of a target platform. The upcoming big downloadable content from the program will appear in a matter of days – March 25, 2021 exactly – and was titled Myths of the Eastern Realm by the creators. Undoubtedly, his greatest curiosity promises that instead of the usual hero, we will be able to control a new hero, Ku, in a completely different environment from the previous one, inspired by Chinese mythology. Of the three previously announced DLCs, this is the medium – so fans will be able to count on it again, sometime in the future.

So in the myths of the eastern world, a character named Ku replaces Phoenix, who is not a master of Chinese martial arts by the way and has abilities completely different from the lady we have been able to control so far. In addition to the downloadable content, it includes new and free terrain to explore, countless characters never seen before, and a story promised to be epic, so it is inspired by ancient Chinese mythology. And those who can’t afford it can actually get into the base game, as the free downloadable content will give us a new mission – titled We Are Not Alone – to be found in Valley of the Ethernal Spring and challenge a sweaty platformer. Heaven, which when triggering a “splendid” reward can hit the mark. The free small downloadable content is in no way affiliated with Myths of the Eastern Realm, but it does allow for some time while waiting for our debut.

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So Immortals: Fenyx Rising – Myths of the Eastern Realm will debut on March 25, 2021 for every platform Fenyx has been launched on.

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