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He revealed why he feels remorse towards his former partners

He revealed why he feels remorse towards his former partners

The successive changes in Tamas Jordaens’ professional life had a strong impact on his personal life as well – and not usually in a positive way. Today, she also speaks openly about why she feels guilty towards her children and ex-partners, even though she has a very good relationship with all of them.

He has an exceptional career

His predecessors included deputy mayors and factory owners, but this meant a more difficult situation in the 1960s. Few people know that his original profession was a surveyor, but of course his real vocation was acting, where he excelled and achieved many things: winner of the Gaszai and Kossuth Prizes, as well as the representative of the nation. Not only was he successful as an actor, he managed several theaters and was the founding director and permanent member of the Sándor Weöres Theater in Szombathely. Tamas Jordaens spoke with Kriszta D. Tóth recently: the actor arrives at the interview carrying two bouquets of flowers, one of which he immediately hands to Kriszta, and the other to his daughter, Adele Jordaens, whom they meet at the end of the conversation and whose birthday is the day after the shooting. The actor, director and director does not lie to himself: after boarding the plane, he gently tries to assume the role of director: he wants to show the audience some important sites in Budapest. “I get involved in things that have nothing to do with me,” he says, but in the end he refines it: he just gives advice. As he approaches eighty, he often enters a state of nostalgia, which was not his characteristic before. Tamás began his career on the university stage while studying at the Technical University, and then became a professional actor at the 25th Theater. After that, he signed a contract with Kaposvár, and since Kriszta herself is from Kaposvár, they together remember that Tamás played important roles in the Csiky Gergely Theater during the theatre’s heyday. After Kaposvár came the Merlin Theater, which he started with his partner at the time, Katie Lazar, and later became director of the National Theatre, which was an adventurer in many ways, but now able to see the bright side. In the program, not only the important stages of his life are shown, but also two important people: at the end of the conversation, they meet his daughter Adele, and at the beginning, Tamás’s partner, Zsuzszy, accompanies him to the car.

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