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New details have emerged about the condition of Katia Tombos, who is battling cancer

New details have emerged about the condition of Katia Tombos, who is battling cancer

As we wrote, 41-year-old Katia Tombos suffers from a rare cancer and has been trying to recover for a long time, but so far with little success. Therefore, she asked for help from her colleagues and friends who went to the audience, as a rare case arose that the actress, who was suffering from a serious condition, could not solve on her own.

Photo: László Modra-Origo

Bence Abate, Hungarian ballet dancer and media personality, posted the following message.

Many must have noticed that Katia Tombos did not appear in theaters and concert halls for two years, and also disappeared from the eyes of the media. The reason for this was cancer – he could only visit the “councils representing the world” for one evening of reading each, as long as his present condition permitted it.

Katja suffers from a rare type of cancer for which there is no appropriate treatment in Hungary. “The current stages of her medical treatment abroad are not funded by the state, and the costs incurred so far have already exhausted Katia's financial resources and reserves, in addition to the amount previously collected by her friends,” wrote Abbate, who also revealed that many of her colleagues have joined the actress, as the organization will A charity event, the entire proceeds of which will be used to treat Tombos.

Now musician Robert Hrutka also spoke about the current condition of the sick actress.

So you must gain strength and gain weight. “And that's all it takes for your body to start this process.” Pepper The words of Hrutka, who often speaks to Katja Tombos, who has been shown to have eating difficulties, are not in a very good mood.

Katia Tombos
41-year-old Katia Tombos suffers from a rare disease and her condition is not very good
Photo: László Modra-Origo

The musician also revealed that the actress's disease is difficult to treat because it does not have a focus that can be effectively treated with radiation or chemotherapy, which is why they are in such a difficult situation. In this case, the only solution is to treat it in a way that teaches your immune system how to overcome the cancer itself.

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