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7 places and attractions not to be missed in May

7 places and attractions not to be missed in May

If, in addition to the usual and established places in Balaton, you also want to discover new things in May, we have collected a collection of places that are worth putting on your bucket list.

The 111-year-old Jókai ship has been renovated

After the refurbishment of the 111-year-old Jókai ship, which has a special and quirky life story, it will carry passengers again from the first days of May. The steamer, built at the shipyard in Óbuda, strengthens the BAHART fleet once again. You can meet the 85-passenger cruise ship in Balatonfüred and take a nostalgic cruise to the Hungarian sea.

Exact schedule and more information >>

Photo: Facebook page Balatoni Hajózási Zrt

Rosé, Tapolca

After long preparations, the charming Café Rózy will open in Tapolca in the spring of 2024. Located along the Tapolcay River, on the Malom Lake promenade, the café offers the experience of being close to the water at hand, where you can relax after a long walk. And in the cafe, which is also located near the city center, you can recharge your energy at least with a cup of black tea, a delicious dessert or a cocktail.

8300 Tabolka, Martinovics Ignac Sh. 3. | Facebook

Photo: Rosie's Facebook page

A dog-friendly public park has opened in Balatonfüred

To the delight of dog owners, a 6,000 square meter dog-friendly public park has been created in Balatonfüred from a previously abandoned area. The public park located in Lapostelki út has fulfilled the long-standing desire of the residents of the settlement, as the owners can now enjoy the time spent with their four-legged pets in a safe environment. In the fenced garden, renewed green spaces, general lighting and 100 tree seedlings await the owners and their pets, who can anticipate programs in the future.

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8230 Balatonfüred, La Postilke Utca 9.

Photo: Karoly Contrat Facebook page

If you want to relax on the cozy terraces of Lake Balaton >>

Man behind bars exhibition in Veszprém

Veszprém Castle Prison, which operated until 2003, has been serving visitors as a prison museum in recent years. The Visitor Center has recently been renovated in all its details: you can learn about the secrets and legends of the prison world in an unusual exhibition within the framework of the exhibition entitled “The Man Behind Bars”. In the renewed exhibition, you can get answers to questions such as, among others, what can a convict keep, how does he spend his day or how does he maintain contact with the outside world?

8200 Veszprem, Gokay Mor Sh. 8. | website | Facebook

Photo: Várbörtön Visitor Center Facebook page

Csortóka-sétány in Orfinis

Perhaps one of the most beautiful stretches of Lake Balaton's northern shore is Whirlpool Bay, which is surrounded by the Tihany Peninsula. Csortóka-sétány was created just an arm's length from the free beach in Örvényes, giving fishermen the opportunity to rest, contemplate, enjoy the panoramic views, walk along the reeds as well as secure anchorage.

8242 Orfinis, Fordow Street. 41. | Facebook

Photo: Facebook page of Csortóka-sétány in Orvényesi

Community square at the renovated Sió Lock

At the end of April, Siófok was enriched with another attraction: the renovated Siófok area was completed with a public square, a wetland, a viewing point and an outdoor gallery. The commercial area, renovated after more than 70 years, has become a place that can be visited by both locals and tourists, as it now has a landscaped environment, rest points and, thanks to the view, a unique perspective on Lake Balaton and Lake Balaton. Sió Canal provides relaxation.

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8600 Siófok, Krodi Cetinje. 2.

Photo: Csaba Dömötör Facebook page

Auer House, Veszprém

The name of violinist Liput Auer is known not only throughout the country, but also in many parts of the world. The artist spent his childhood in Thököly Imre utca in Veszprém, where the Auer House, which pays tribute to him and his work, was opened at the end of last summer. In addition to residential units suitable for hosting artists, a showroom and a musical instrument making workshop are also available for visitors interested in music.

8200 Vesprem, Thokoli Imre Sh. 1.

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