His song was considered one of the favorite songs at the Malmö Festival.

Eurovision organizers have excluded Dutch artist Joost Klein from the competition, so he will not be able to perform in the final on Saturday night. According to the justification, the singer allegedly verbally threatened a female production employee in Malmö on Thursday evening. The organizers are A Sky News At the same time, they tried to clarify the matter: contrary to rumours, no other artists or members of delegations from other countries were involved in the incident.

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Productions by 25 artists can be seen on the final evening. On the other hand, Klein's piece entitled “Europapa”, which was considered a favorite in the competition, is missing. Evoking the soundscape of Eurodisco and the hairstyles of the Bundesliga, the production style that is “so bad you can't help but love it”, according to critics, can be seen from the semi-finals, so everyone can decide whether they will regret being left out.