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Why does this dirty movie top the list of best Netflix movies for days?!

Why does this dirty movie top the list of best Netflix movies for days?!

Mother of the Bride is a romantic comedy filled with awkward jokes, silly one-liners, and random drama.

I made a commitment – we could also call it a human experiment – to watch the highest-rated movie on Netflix, which has been holding the top spot solidly for several days. Before I start my experiment, I warn everyone: Don't do this at home after me!

Source: Netflix

Not long ago, I was excited about the fact that Netflix was starting to find itself again, but the joy was premature: the streaming service provider is now… much less than the same, But lately the level has not been high at all. The romantic comedy Mother of the Bride promises light entertainment, but we're treated to an hour and a half of suffering. movie earlier It was announced under the title The Delightful Mother. And why has it become such a restrictive definition, you can probably answer that it has nothing to do with it, but it has nothing in the world to do with the 1991 comedy The Happy Father starring Steve Martin and Diane Keaton. It's this movie good.

In Mother of the Bride, we can see second-line representatives such as A The devilFrom Rachel Harris, Brooke Shields, who has been seen in B-movies and series, and Benjamin Bratt, who has also lived through better times. We can see that They try according to their talent To get something out of their personality, but with such a scenario, it was not an easy task. By the way, the film was written by Robin Bernheim, who… The Christmas Swap Trilogy We can also thank you. The mother of the bride isn't working with a complicated story either: Wedding preparations at a luxury seaside resort and happy mommy time with happy daddy – In the end, of course, everyone finds happiness. the film

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Driven by typical upper-class characters who suffer from typical upper-class problems,

While they are having fun by the pool and bragging about how many followers they have and how they are going to stream the party on Insta. This is the situation It is very difficult to recognize them. As is the humor in the film.

Source: Netflix

It's like In word and deed, we can see “comic” situations, For example, when the bride's mother sees the groom's father naked. Now there are several problems with this:

  • My friend came out of the bathroom naked because she thinks her boyfriend came back with towels, but that's not clear How he mistakenly thought that a woman's voice was a man's voice -This is not true even when the water boils, try it!
  • On the other hand, why would a person get naked in front of his friend?! I've been on vacation a few times with my best friend (male), and we've never been naked in front of each other. Simply because it doesn't fit.
  • And finally: Why is this so important, because according to the drama, they were together for a long time, and their love was burning, which obviously also means that they slept with each other, so They know each other's bodies. If it's a comedy, there should be a sharp comment from the woman, not a “gross, I've seen the hippie reaction” reaction.

I was able to say what I wanted to say To encapsulate sentences that grind teeth, What I like is that the actors didn't laugh. For example, a young man flirts with an older woman in this way:

“Love does not need a correction.”

But then, what does this movie do at the top of the list?

Source: Netflix

Netflix doesn't like to reveal the secrets of its algorithm, but it leaked some information on how to do it Based on the criteria something gets into the top 10 list. If only I started from the movie Mother of the Bride Gossip on FacebookThis is all very strange, however If one takes a closer look at the comments, It turns out that Almost all of them. Watch 20 minutes of it, Or watch it for several rounds. Now, all of this is probably generating new views, and I don't think it's far-fetched that if someone watches it in more detail, it's new and fresh views every time. Netflix basically revealed it

It is based on the number of people who watched at least two minutes of the selected programme.

Not to mention that, in their opinion, they get the number of viewers of a particular movie or series (i.e. the number of Netflix accounts that were used to watch it). Total viewing time is divided by playing time – Which, for example, in the case of an hour and a half film, would give very good numbers. Perhaps this is why Turkish romantic comedy The Memorable Honeymoon has topped the charts in recent weeks, still in ninth place at the time of writing.

Source: Netflix

Of course, the viewer's habits are also added to this, as humans are weak and… If he wants to have fun, he is less careful. The Netflix algorithm takes advantage of this, and on the home page it pushes self-produced films and series that want to generate views for us. And it works, or at least Most people look up to him What the hell is this?! This way, you usually have a set two minutes, and then the process continues to catalyze itself, because When looking at films at the top of lists, we tend to think they are good; That's why they got there, and the more people clicked on them, the longer they stayed there. So, just be careful!

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