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Where the sun always shines: Salgotarjan’s stewardess flew above the clouds

Where the sun always shines: Salgotarjan’s stewardess flew above the clouds

On frequency 99.3 of Hír FM Salgótárján, listeners recently caught up with a young woman from Salgótárján, Orsolya Papp, who talked about her private career and personal life with editor and presenter Eszter Angyal. Since he had always wanted to travel, meet new people and gain experiences, it was really clear to him that the most direct way to do this was by plane.

“For this reason, Ursulia, from Salgotarjan, decided to apply to the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, Emirates, four years ago, in the summer of 2019, and within a short time she found herself on board. It strengthens her class.” Crew”, which he is of course very proud of. Because of his work, he had to leave his home country, where his headquarters became Dubai, but of course he visits his home in Salgotarjan whenever he can. However, he undoubtedly loves his current home, the always lively city, and the beautiful beaches And the great weather makes up for a lot of things.

The world opened up to him

According to Orset’s own admission, he is also fascinated by planes in addition to Dubai, if only because he believes that in his current position he can travel to 90 countries through his work, and of course if the opportunity arises, he tries to include them. A little sightseeing between two trips. He said in the radio interview that although he has visited major cities in the world several times, such as New York, Tokyo, Nice or Rio de Janeiro, he has also visited Washington, but for him the Maldives and Seychelles, as well as Bali and Australia, are the most popular destinations, Because he loves diving and is also interested in the underwater world, and as mentioned in the conversation, his “dream destination” is the Philippines.

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He also had special experiences several times, for example, when he was able to stand in front of 60,000 people through his work at the French football stadium Parc Olympique Lyonnais, he participated in a horse safari in Zimbabwe, he petted a koala in Australia, and he danced with the locals. In Zanzibar, he watched the dance of beetles in New Zealand, and in Bangkok, but he did not miss Muay Thai.

At Lyon Stadium, it is an experience of a lifetime for him
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Since she sees her work as a real vocation, there is no doubt that Ursolia Babb has found her calling as a hostess. He loves learning about other cultures and nationalities, and he loves getting to know people, so he always tries to exchange some nice words with those who travel with him, or share a pleasant experience with them.

When I get off the plane I’m no longer the same person, because they always add something to my life and no two days are the same

He says.

Your job also comes with serious responsibility

Of course, there are serious challenges if someone wants to establish themselves in life as a flight attendant. The flight attendant from Salgotarjan revealed that one of the most important criteria for applying is, for example, that the person be at least 21 years old, have a high school diploma and at least one year of experience in the field of hospitality or customer service, but height is also important (in order to access to hat compartments), and of course language skills. In addition, flight attendants are not limited to serving food and drinks, but if necessary, they also provide first aid even in more serious situations, such as a heart attack or childbirth, and even in the event of a possible emergency.

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They say: The world is small

The conversation also revealed that Ursulia is not the only flight attendant from Nograd County in the organization: another woman from Salgotarjan and a young man from Seksiny have also been working for the company for several years, but all three came to the airline from Baloc-Land, only to be exposed while working together, to the point that Their working relationship deepened and turned into a friendship, and they often organized joint programs in their free time.

Obviously, Ursulia’s favorite destination is Budapest
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However, his heart always draws him back home to Salgotarjan
Some of his family, loved ones and friends still live in the Nograd County seat, and his favorite dog and horse draw him home like magnets whenever he can.
– I really love the surrounding nature, the mountains, and to this day I go hiking whenever I can. I love spending time in the woods, because my whole family hunts, so I can say I grew up here. “I still think Hungary is one of the most beautiful countries and there is still a lot to discover here,” he said.

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