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Verstappen: Let’s not make too much of this!

Verstappen: Let’s not make too much of this!

According to Max Verstappen, it is not necessary to make a big deal out of his collision with Sergio Perez. He also gave some advice to reporters who asked about it…

Sergio Perez forced Max Verstappen to the grass on the first sprint lap of the Austrian Grand Prix, then the Dutchman led his teammate slightly in the following corners. While they were still angrily calling each other out on each other’s maneuvers on the team radio, the peace between the Red Bull rivals was already noticeable in the post-race press conference.

This made their incident more sensitive. After telling their perspective on what happened in the second corner and how Perez had not seen his teammate on the grass, Verstappen was also asked about how they ended up near the curve in Turns 3 and 4 afterwards.

“The track was wet, so you can’t use the normal corners in the first place because there’s less grip there. Both on the three and four. On the outside, the traction is greater at first, and you want to put your car there in the first place. Then when it dries, you go deeper and deeper “ Explaining how Perez had little space left on the outside curve…

Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen (Photo: XPB)

According to Perez, it is not necessary to speculate about stress. “We’ve talked about it. First round, under the circumstances — no problem.”

A British journalist asked the Red Bull champion if he thought what happened had any lessons for the future, given that they would have done their opponents a huge favor if something had happened.

“It could have happened, but it didn’t!” Verstappen pointed out. “You don’t have to make a lot of it happen. Sometimes it happens. We’ve talked about it, we’ve laid it out, and it’s okay. That’s how people work. Sometimes you ask, you answer, you solve it, that’s it. It’s not necessary to write a full essay.” About it. I hope so. Or maybe yes. To keep the clicks coming. If you like…”

He stabbed her with a smile.

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Meanwhile, Perez smiled next to him and then said: “And the racing must have been pretty boring, so that might be the story…”

Max Verstappen (Photo: XPB)

Verstappen Racing wasn’t too bothered by the flick story. After Pérez trailed behind him, he took an easy win by 21 seconds. “My ride wasn’t perfect, the wheels rolled. After the first lap, once I was back in the lead, I just split the tyres, knowing that if it didn’t rain again, the 24 laps on the medium tire would be too long.”

“The car was good. On the medium tire, of course, it’s different from the slick, but it’s good that I managed to sidestep it and then run my own race. I had a bit of fun at the end when those on the slicks came right back up. It was in front of me.” A little show that I enjoyed…” Draw a picture showing how difficult it is for him to win his new first place.

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