Index - Tech-Science - Xiaom is also blacklisted by Trump

Index – Tech-Science – Xiaom is also blacklisted by Trump

Companies classified as “Chinese Communist Military Companies” cannot be owned by an American citizen or organization, and investors in these companies must sell their shares.

Xiaomi is the third largest mobile phone maker in the world after South Korea’s Samsung as well as China’s Huawei. In a statement to CNET, the company confirmed that it complied with US law and had nothing to do with the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

We are the phone in the We store

Photo: Zhang Peng / Getty Images Hungary

Our company reaffirms that its services and products are for both civil and commercial purposes. Our company asserts that it is not owned, controlled or used by the Chinese military and is not a “Chinese Communist Military Corporation”.

They said.

Black and black lists

The US Department of Defense has maintained a list of companies affiliated with the Chinese military since 1999, having previously included mobile phone manufacturer ZTE.

The Trump administration has taken several punitive measures over the years due to economic competition between China and the United States. Criminal duties imposed or TikTok disabled.

Huawei, which manufactures cell phones among other devices, has also been banned, but not banned from the US Department of Defense, but placed in the national security risk category, which has banned the use of Google’s Android software.

Recently, Chinese mobile payment systems have been banned, preventing Chinese people living in America from transferring money.

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