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Until the Paris Olympics, the women’s polo team will train with a special training duo, the Mihok-Czech tandem.

Until the Paris Olympics, the women’s polo team will train with a special training duo, the Mihok-Czech tandem.

Attila Mihok and Sandor Czeh are running the women’s water polo team as co-captains, something that has never happened before in this sport in our country.

In conjunction with – “Bicycle with two seats facing each other and pedals”; “A group of machines and machine components that are similarly interconnected.”

In principle, the most experienced person always sits in front, and the pilot is in the back helping with the turn.

According to the announcement of the Hungarian Water Polo Federation, Attila Mihok will play the match, so he is the leader, if only because he is a more experienced coach on the women’s line due to his work as head coach in Donajváros for 25 years (!) than Sándor Cseh, who has zero kilometers in this sense.

Attila Biro’s time with the national team came to an end at the World Cup in Fukuoka © MVLSZ

Photo: Facebook

Last year Eb-5 in Split. The place, especially the VI World Cup in Fukuoka. But the position went to his job. The President and Board of Directors of MVLSZ felt that the girls needed new motivation before the Continental Championships in Netanya in January and the Vibe in Doha in February (both qualifying competitions for the World Olympics), and then, with the quotas, also at the Paris Olympics.

In Hungarian water polo, there has never been an example of co-captains leading a national team, there has always been one person responsible for the work and results.

However, in domestic handball, a similar example has already occurred for both genders. Istvan Csoknyai And Vladan Matic They were co-captains at the helm of the Hungarian men’s handball team.

For this reason, Mihi left the bench in Donajváros after a quarter of a century, and Sanni Tseh gave up his position as professional director responsible for supplying the association, as well as the position of professional advisor to the OSC.


Attila Mihok comes off the bench at Dunajoyvaros after 25 years © MVLSZ

Photo: Facebook

Two people have become the new mayor in town, they’ve never worked together anywhere (they’re just now getting to know each other), and one of them has been exclusively active in a male profession up until now—awesome.

And more than Attila Mihoek, no professional has led a team for as long as he has. Thanks to him, the Union won eight league titles and the same number of Hungarian Cups, as well as the LEN Cup and the European Super Cup, and in 2021 they reached the Euroleague final.

The main thing about this is that no matter how many times his team was stolen by rival federations, he always built a very good team from the new federations. And this is what he did in the season he left behind us, when, to everyone’s surprise, he led them to the Championship Final and the Final Four of the English Premier League before the season. Jurisati Greta And Dorothea Szilagyi Losing them too.

During his time at Donajváros, several players from last year’s World Cup silver medal-winning team returned to his squad: Garda Christinajurisati, Rita of Kestley, Hungarian Alda, Maheu Geraldine,silagey, Vanda Valley.


Sandor Czeh during a performance © MVLSZ

Photo: Facebook

Two strong people became the leaders (so as not to cancel each other out), and although they both declared after their appointment that they would be stronger together, the decision also indicates that according to the MVLSZ decision-makers, it was as if there were only a few of them for this position. This is especially interesting in the case of Mihok, who has already proven herself several times in the women’s division and at the head of the national university team.

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The composition of the professional crew of captains has not yet been announced. It would be good to have a female coach among them, which has not happened in the national team since 2009 (!) Matthias Petrovich next to Stepper Mercedes I worked for a year.

He added: “I think it’s no coincidence that no one else gets the opportunity in this position. If this is the beginning of a four-year cycle, a year before the first major tournament, then perhaps there is someone who clearly deserves this position by his play.” “It could have been my career even if it wasn’t so routine as a coach.”

Here, for example, Steber could have been targeted.


Rita Keszthelyi will be especially needed in this case © MVLSZ

Photo: Facebook

Meanwhile, it can also be said that the Federation considers this period so important in the life of the women’s national team that it appointed a specialist alongside one of the most prominent professionals working on the women’s line, under whose supervision the boys’ youth national teams not only won that international competition, but also in The last five years they haven’t started. Before that, he won the league without defeat with Szolnok.

Attila Mihawk and Sandor Cheh are not in an easy situation. Within four months, the national team will play an important European tournament, followed by the World Cup in February and the Olympic Games next summer. Speaking of which, all the parties, the league and the captain are only talking about this period. On the one hand, their appointment only extends to Paris, and on the other, the Olympics-focused approach has long been favored in Hungarian sport.

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The Dutch team, the current world champion, did not reach the London or Rio Olympics, for example, as defending champions. Meanwhile, two aircraft, WC-7 and WC-9, skidded. A place next to the European Championship gold, but it has not been displaced from its place Arno Havenga National team captain who left his position voluntarily after Tokyo. It can be done in this way, and is now independent of the person of Judge Attila Perrault.

Here, the result goes beyond everything, while the team with Peru only failed to reach the top four in the three biggest world competitions in eight years: in the 2017 Budapest Vibe (5th place), at the 2022 European Championship in Split (5th place). place) and at this year’s World Cup in Fukuoka (sixth place). It didn’t go well for the wave last year.


Co-leaders Sandor Czeh and Attila Mihok © MVLSZ

Photo: Facebook

The best of our excellent youngsters could be included in the senior national team, which Peru already started last year.

The Under-20s are competing in the World Cup semi-finals on the day our article was published, and the girls born in 2006/07 have already had it all, winning the European Under-15 Championship, the Under-16 World Cup and, in August, beating the Under-15s General. In Spain, they won the U-17 Championship and the European Championship, and, moreover, were undefeated for the third year. Among them are Kata Hajdu, Tipa Pana and Luka Torma, who have already been selected as adults.

This arrangement with co-leaders may only be a temporary solution, but it would be better if efficiency goes hand in hand with long-term thinking.

In the case of Attila Mihoek and Sandor Szeh, they are very good “cyclists” individually, and it will be clear in a very difficult and dangerous period how they will cope together on tandem bikes.

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