Crossing: Opening of the public season in Tihany

Crossing: Opening of the public season in Tihany

Because of the pandemic, many events have been missed in the past year and a half, including public programs. That is why this year – August 26-29. The inaugural event of the public transit season in Tihany is of inestimable interest to those interested in issues of culture, science, public life and the economy. There will also be a fundraiser for the Csaba Böjte Foundation at the event. Origo will keep you posted.

“Society, Tradition, Freedom” is the motto of the magazine published by the Commentary Foundation since 2006.

Along with these values, the Tranzit series of events began operating in 2009, which is slowly becoming Hungary’s largest series of public events. The creed of the organizers is to promote dialogue between actors in Hungarian cultural, scientific, public and economic life on the most important issues affecting public life.

“What is transit? Community, discussion forum, group of friends, entertainment? All in one. A Place for Actors,” the organizers wrote, changed the previous name of the thought fair, identifying the festival with the title “We Are a Strength Together” as the season opener, as summer draws to a close and the political fall season is about to begin.

He will perform at a weekend event, among others

Gabor Kubatov, Peter Sigarto, Csaba Bugti, Cecilia Muller, Pallas Urban, Marton Bekes and Marco Rossi.

In the discussion section of the event, collide, among other things Judith Varga, Andras Schaeffer, Istvan Holick, Peter Marche-Zay, Ksaba Domotor, Istvan Ogili, as well as Gergeli Golias and Istvan Heller.

Collection for Csaba Böjteمؤسسة Foundation

A fundraising campaign will be organized at this event for the Saint Francis Deva Foundation. Transit organizers asked participants to help with the work of Csaba Böjte and the St. Francis of Deva, which provides home and learning opportunities for hundreds of children. Donations are welcome during the event at collection points or by reference to the following account number: 10300002-20145639-00003285

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