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Trump's former important person said: The return of the Republican president will bring chaos

Trump's former important person said: The return of the Republican president will bring chaos

The 2020 edition of The Room Where It Happened was published by John Bolton, the former US National Security Advisor. In the introduction to his updated memoir, Bolton also discusses the current American political situation: he warns of the potential consequences of a potential second presidential term for Donald Trump. According to him

The Republican presidential nominee would be willing to make major concessions to North Korea, which could upset the delicate balance in the region.

In his book, Bolton recalled Trump's previous interactions with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, quoting the then US president as saying: “We fell in love.” According to him, previous experiences confirm his words that Washington's policy in the Far East will not be expected if the Republican politician returns to the American presidency.

A potential agreement with Pyongyang would simultaneously make relations with Japan and South Korea difficult, and would strengthen China in the region. In Bolton's view, North Korea's violation of UN sanctions will not deter him either.

The former national security adviser also addressed the global geopolitical consequences of a second Trump presidency. He warned of escalating tensions along China's Indo-Pacific perimeter and predicted radical changes in US foreign policy.

This could be the possible withdrawal of the United States from NATO and a reduction in aid to Ukraine. These changes may exacerbate existing tensions in the Taiwan Strait and elsewhere.

Despite concerns about the US military presence, Seoul remained optimistic about US troops remaining in the country. This is partly due to recent decisions taken by the US Congress regarding South Korea's defense commitments. Meanwhile, Trump earlier indicated his desire to reduce the number of troops and called on Seoul to contribute more financially to the costs of hosting US military forces.

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Cover image credit: Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images

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