Ingyenesen játszható résszel bővül a Tom Clancy

Tom Clancy’s The Division is expanded with a free-to-play section, and a mobile game is also created

In a press release, Ubisoft announced how it plans to expand the franchise.

Ubisoft could record the brand launch of Tom Clancy’s The Division in 2016 as a success story, as the work that broke many previous sales records was included in a franchise that now boasts 40 million players.

According to its arrangement and mod, the sequel arrived in 2019, and it will be expanded with new content before the end of the year. The latter is being operated by Ubisoft Massive and Ubisoft Bucharest and is expected to offer versatility with unprecedented game modes as well as new levels of leveling techniques.

As we know, as part of the building of the franchise, The Division also makes The Division with starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Chastain, directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber, who has so far hosted the notable film with productions such as Bouncer: Winning Many pig flies, family stores, Central Intelligence and skyscrapers. . There is also a narrative that can be put on schedule after The Division 2 that discusses the effects of the pandemic in different parts of the United States, as well as the struggle that agents are waging to build the supply chain.

And we still don’t understand Ads By the end, Tom Clancy’s The Division Heartland is already being formed (and will appear sometime during 2021-2022) under the auspices of Red Storm Entertainment for its computers, consoles, and cloud platforms. All we know so far is that Ubisoft will launch it as a completely independent title to play for free, and to enjoy it it is not necessary to know the previous parts in depth, because it introduces the world of the series from a new perspective, the place will be new. And whoever jumps out of his skin when he hears the news, he is indeed It may also apply Early rehearsal.

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Finally, it should be noted that the publisher has announced their intention to transfer the franchise to the mobile platforms as well, but will not share the details with us until later.

Are you happy to play FREE as well as The Division games on mobile?

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