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Ferenc Demjen was rarely audibly angry, today's musicians got theirs too

Ferenc Demjen was rarely audibly angry, today's musicians got theirs too

When someone is talented and their work impresses many, some may try to capitalize on the success of others. the Composers often experimentThat their own compositions are performed by other artists without asking for their permission. Many people accept this situation and do not worry about it, but there are also those who want to put an end to this constant theft of revenue at any cost.

Ferenc Demjén, the Kossuth Award-winning performer and songwriter, is associated with many hit songs. We can hear them regularly in different arrangements, but the composer's name rarely appears. According to his claim, no one often asks for his permission in advance to use his intellectual products – and Tamás Hevesi made light of this topic in his podcast.

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Ferenc Demjen He didn't start his career todayMany people consider him the best male singer in our country besides Charlie. He started his career as a guitarist, and was also a member of the famous band Birgendi, but due to his talent for songwriting and performing, he soon found himself behind the microphone and became an increasingly popular singer, after which he began a solo career. -And the rest is history.

Award-winning singer Kossuth said the following about the use of his songs:

“I'm very happy that a lot of people are covering my songs, because it also means that something is going on. There's only one thing that can hurt, and it's not just me, because we already talked about this with Minus. The problem is that someone is covering the songs, But he doesn't even want to report it to the law enforcement agency and the other part of it is that there are amateur bands that do it disastrously, and it's almost a moral insult sometimes so tell me and let me hear it at least once before you come out!”

He put today's musicians in their place with a gastronomic analogy:

“Learn the basics and tune your guitar! Don't grab 'Preheated Food (Basics)' from the internet

Ferenc Demjen said indignantly.

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source: you are young

This is what Chella Uth, the Hungarian music star of the 90s, looks like at 50 years old

This is what Chella Uth, the Hungarian music star of the 90s, looks like at 50 years old

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