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According to OpenAI, we will be able to chat with AI like a person – PCW

According to OpenAI, we will be able to chat with AI like a person – PCW

The ChatGPT developer is very optimistic about the future of AI models.

If anyone is wondering where AI is today, it's worth following OpenAI's developments, as the creator of ChatGPT and image generator DALL-E is one of the leaders in this field. Since its launch in November 2022, the popular AI chatbot has undergone many changes, so with the help of the current large language model GPT-4 Turbo, it actually understands questions better and collects answers from more data, whereas voice or image communication Recognition is also not a problem for.

However, according to the developer, what we see now is just the beginning of the road, which in retrospect will seem completely ridiculous.

A few days ago, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said Announced at an entrepreneurship eventdescribed the GPT-4 language model as “the stupidest model” we would ever have to use, and COO Brad Lightcap has since added his own model to At a conference organized by the Milken Institute. Here, the leader stated that looking back in a year, the AI ​​systems in use today would look “ridiculously bad.”

Lightcap also explained that the current form of ChatGPT, in which we receive answers to our written questions after some waiting, is not the way we will use the service in the long term. Moreover, according to him, AI models of the future will be able to perform more complex work and will cooperate more closely with users, as if we had a great colleague who can help with any task.

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Moreover, in 10 years, Lightcap predicts that thanks to AI we will be able to talk to computers like a friend or a person with whom we work on a project, and does not even rule out that AI will also be the one that learns humor. As for the latter, Elon Musk and xAI, which he founded, are also trying to do the same with the Grok chatbot, which is available to X (formerly Twitter) subscribers, but has become open source.

What is certain is that, based on the pace of today's technological development, the bold ideas of OpenAI did not necessarily come from nothing, the only question is whether it will be possible to maintain the pace. However, the first step towards the future could be the release of the GPT-5 language model, which is a GPT-5 language model Interested in trade Based on his report for March It can actually run during the summer.

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