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Those who are banned will be banned from live broadcasting on Twitch

Those who are banned will be banned from live broadcasting on Twitch

Or at least that’s the theory, currently they can only be banned from chatting.

Mainly used by gamers, Twitch will introduce another much-requested change, starting in September, when streamers will be able to block users they’ve blocked from watching live streams.

There is a strong suspicion that the ban will be circumvented very easilySource: Twitch

The new feature adds to a long-running feature where streamers can prevent users they block from participating in chat available during their broadcasts. However, by contrast its effectiveness is highly questionable, as there is a good chance that those who have been banned will still be able to monitor the stream by opening Twitch in another browser or in an incognito window, where you must be logged into the service for clear identification. .

There’s a good chance it will forever remain a broadcaster’s wishful thinking that harassers can’t watch their broadcasts.

According to Twitch, it will be possible to enable it in the future so that banned users will not be able to view previously recorded content.

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