This is how Viktor Orban immediately evaluated the football net

This is how Viktor Orban immediately evaluated the football net

I like it when cultures meet and play with each other under the same rules of the game in the same sport

announce Victor Urban The Prime Minister speaks to Qatari journalists on Tuesday.

The Hungarian Prime Minister spoke about the FIFA World Cup being held in Qatar that he would try to follow the matches from home, but – as he indicated – this would be difficult, as he had to work during the day, so he only had time to do it late at night. .

He stressed that the World Cup in Qatar is not only wonderful, but also exciting. At the same time, Viktor Orban highly appreciated the organization and the fact that Qatar decided to spend money to host the whole world.

He also considered it important to hold the World Cup in an Arab country.

When in Rome, do as the people of Rome do

And recalling his speech, he said that it is very good for the world to be hosted in an Arab country, which must respect local customs and ways of thinking.

As he said, this is important not only for football, but also for understanding a different outlook on life. (MTI)

Featured image: Prime Minister Viktor Orban at the Puskas Academy – Budapest Honvéd match at Pancho Arena in Velscot on April 30, 2016. MTI Image: Tamás Kovacs

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