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There were no laurels for the Szabolcs in the National Vágta

There were no laurels for the Szabolcs in the National Vágta

Kecskimet rider Tamara Toth won the 16th National Vajta Final with her horse Galaxy on Sunday evening at the Lipica Equestrian Center in Zelvasvärad, it was announced on Danube TV.

Tamara Toth, a competitor from Paks Keskun County, who won the title of Fastest Rider of 2023, received the National Vágta Wandering Award, a Hussar sword from 1848, a Hadik Hussar statue from Herend, and a Golden Serpent Award at the ceremony. The victory blanket was spread on the back of his horse named Galaxy.

In the final, Tamara Voros, Ácsteszér rider, took second place, Viktória Zboray, Adorján rider, took third place, and Árpád Csíki, Szentkirály rider, came in fourth place.

In Kishuszár Vágta, Szentkirály rider Anna Julia Roses won the final on her horse Nárcisz, ahead of Szikszó, Sarkad and Fülöpszállás.

In the Fogatvágta final, three people started, and first place was won for the fifth time by the pair of Tieger Endre and the younger Tieger Endre in the colors of the Dombóvár Sütvényi stud.

In the afternoon, the final of the international race was also held, and was won by the knight of the Kingdom of Bahrain, Mahmoud Muhammad Jar Muhammad Raed. The Republic of Croatia's jockey, Tina Belsic, took second place, and the United Kingdom's jockey, Dan Martin, came in third. The competitor from the Netherlands took fourth place. The riders started with the original Hungarian horse breed, the Lipica horses.

Actors Peter Bax and Gabor Krajnik Balogh, as well as dancer Christian Cecchini, competed in this year's charity Race of the Stars. The winner was Gábor Krajnik Balog, who donated his prize to the Horse and Dog Home in Putian Ekos Hungary.

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The winner of the Kocsitolo competition was the cart-pushing team Abony, the Lófő team from Transylvania took second place, and the Iváni Lóbarátok Egyesület team took third place.

The event featured a presentation by the dragoons of the National Cavalry Unit, the Honved Hussar Unit, and the Emergency Police, as well as a prairie horse and pony show, a display of the 1848-1849 battle scene, a production of the Society for the Preservation of Nomadic Traditions' Pusztai Roka, a performance of Győr's Devil Riders and the Fairy Garden. It is also colored by a historic horse parade.

After the festive awards ceremony, he said goodbye to the National Vágta Szilvásvárad led by the stallion. This year's competition commemorated the “Unsung Knights of '48” who bore witness to patriotism and courage.

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