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Herend Porcelain Exhibition Opened at the National Museum

Herend Porcelain Exhibition Opened at the National Museum

Herendi’s ceramics exhibition titled Royal Weekdays opens at the Hungarian National Museum on Tuesday, co-organised by Herendi Porcelánmanufaktúra Zrt. and exhibition space.

Herend porcelain is one of the most popular and respected brands in Hungary, distributed almost everywhere in the world, said László L. Simon, general director of the museum, at the opening of the room exhibition on Tuesday. And he emphasized: Today’s exhibition is the first stop in a series showcasing what the 200-year-old Herend factory has added to Hungarian applied arts over the centuries.

He added, “Many valuable ceramics can be seen in the Hungarian Expo’s successes exhibition in the exhibition space and in the museum’s display warehouse, so that not only can these treasures be seen by the Hungarian public, but they also plan to organize many foreign exhibitions in the future in cooperation with the Herend Factory and the Museum of Applied Arts.” .

said Attila Simon, CEO of Herend Porcelain Manufactory Zrt. The current exhibition shows a Victorian sophistication, as on the porcelain table, from the classic Victorian style of 1851, you can also find bowls painted with the Royal Garden cameo made for the wedding of Prince William, which also feeds on the Victorian model.

The manager said that the factory produces about three hundred thousand porcelain every year. “According to the audience, our products are not only useful beautiful things, but also works of artHe emphasized that their porcelain has been successfully presented in many international exhibitions. As he said, dozens of exhibitions are organized every year both in Hungary and abroad, and in the last ten years they have organized about 150 exhibitions. “Herend has strong roots, but also new innovative shoots” He pointed out. He emphasized: In addition to nurturing traditions, they are constantly looking for opportunities for renewal. In addition to our 64 million different products, about 400 new creations are born every year within the walls of the factory.

Artifacts at the opening of the Herendi porcelain exhibition “King’s Weekdays” (Photo: MTI/Márton Mónus)

Duncan Graham, President of the British-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce, confirmed: Herend porcelain is known to the British as one of the most beautiful porcelains in the world. He pointed out that the decoration that was presented at the World Exhibition in London and won a gold medal with butterflies in the Chinese style and flowery branches painted in bright and cheerful colors is one of the most famous designs of Herende. The exhibition was opened by Queen Victoria on May 1, 1851 in London, with some 100,000 objects on display over sixteen kilometers and with 15,000 exhibitors participating. The exhibition included many objects, including the Koh-I-Noor diamond and an 8.5-meter-high crystal fountain. “Herend is an integral part of the history between the UK and Hungary, and its stunning porcelain, which Brits have admired for more than 170 yearsThe president concluded.

The creation of the Viktória style shown in the temporary exhibition of the National Museum is almost identical to the creation of Herend porcelain. Born under Chinese influence, the pattern composed of stylized butterflies and blossoming branches represents the richness of color and decoration that has characterized the Porcelain Factory’s painting style from the beginning. Its most notable element is the peony from China, which, when brought to Europe, became one of the most popular forms of ceramics. The possibility of creating an individual image is created by the variety of butterflies and the variegated appearance of peonies, so that, despite its Chinese origin, the pattern creates a Hungarian impression, reminiscent of the colors and bustle of Hungarian forests, fields and village gardens.

Cutlery at the opening of the Herendi ceramics exhibition “Királyi khádinokokok” (Photo: MTI/Márton Mónus)

Viktória held Herend tableware in high esteem, and it was only served in the dining room where she dined with her husband, Prince Albert, in the evening. In such cases, there were no staff, they served themselves. Later members of the English royal family also liked Herende’s artwork. The Viktória pattern, which has been in use for over 170 years, looks great not only on dinnerware, tea and moka sets, but also on decorative items such as bonbonnieres, decorative plates or lamp frames. The Viktória collection has been reborn in countless shapes and colors over the decades, and the latest revamped version, the Herendi porcelain set painted in the Royal Garden pattern, was the official wedding gift from Hungary to Prince William and Princess Catherine.

The exhibition is the first stop in a series introducing honors associated with emperors, kings, queens, and the aristocracy.

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