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There were ceasefire negotiations between Russia and the United States

There were ceasefire negotiations between Russia and the United States

The negotiations took place earlier, between the end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024, but the details have only been learned now from three Russian sources familiar with the matter, the newspaper wrote. Reuters.

The portal reminds us that in December, the New York Times reported that Vladimir Putin secretly offered a ceasefire through mediators and was willing to reach an agreement along the current front lines.

News agency sources have now confirmed the existence of such an offer, but American officials have refused to enter into formal negotiations regarding it.

According to Russian sources, Putin informed Washington several times in 2023, both publicly and behind closed doors, that he would be open to a ceasefire. According to the newspaper, the Russian president was not willing to give up any of the occupied territories, but some in the Kremlin saw that the ceasefire offer could actually lead to some kind of ceasefire.

The Russians tried several times, but to no avail.

“Contacts with the Americans yielded nothing.”

– said a high-ranking Russian source. Another Russian source claimed that the Americans informed them that they were not ready to negotiate a ceasefire without Ukraine's participation, and thanks to that, the process collapsed.

Are the Russians coming back?  After Tucker's interview, journalists gathered around Putin

Are the Russians coming back? After Tucker's interview, journalists gathered around Putin

The latter was confirmed to Reuters by a US official who said: Washington has not and will not formally negotiate a ceasefire with Russia without including Ukraine in the process. According to the third Russian source, the negotiations collapsed because the Americans did not want to put pressure on the Ukrainians.

The US official also noted that they saw slight frustration on Moscow's part over the repeated rejections. The news agency also learned from another diplomatic source that the Americans and Russians are holding informal talks through mediators, which the American source said he had no knowledge of.

The BBC wrote about that as wellWhich Putin prefers to support President Joe Biden over his old ally Donald Trump during the US elections in November.

In an interview with Russian television on Wednesday, Putin said that Biden’s leadership would be better for Russia because “A more experienced, predictable person, a politician of the old formation.”

He also rejected questions regarding the current president's age and mental health. It is believed that when they last met in 2021, nothing unusual was noticed: “Until then [három évvel ezelőtt] They also said he was incompetent, but I never saw anything like that.”

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