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There is no other way but cooperation

There is no other way but cooperation

Ferenc Gyurcsány and the Democratic Coalition held a public forum on Wednesday afternoon at the Sandor Cultural Center in Heveci. The former prime minister came to Nagykanizsa as part of an external faction meeting.

The former Prime Minister was a guest on our program called Kisylőő, where he explained his party’s position on issues affecting the country, and then participated in the forum held at the HSMK. Ferenc Gyurcsány has repeatedly stressed that the shadow government formed a year ago is still at the beginning of its work, but according to him, it is the hope of dealing with problems that Orbán’s government cannot do. This process also aims to prepare for governance, for which data for next year’s European Parliament and local government elections can also serve as guidelines, he added.

– One thing is clear, which is that the opposition must work together, and there is no other way. We, who see the idea and vision of a United States of Europe, expect to get many more votes than we did 4 or 5 years ago. This could be a successful performance for the Democratic coalition and we will really have a serious task to get joint opposition candidates in 26. “We also expect that there will be opposition victories here in Nagykanizsa and a number of other cities,” said Ferenc Gyurcsány.

DK politicians constantly travel across the country, and their current trip has affected the provinces of Zala and Fez. According to Ferenc Gyurcsány, the same problems almost always arise in public forums and people generally complain about health care, inflation, and the condition of the roads. Consultations with specialists play a major role in traveling around the country.

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– The first part is a more open series with public forums, in fact, we will be there in almost every city during the days or in the markets, or in public forums like the one held by the President in Nagykanizsa. The other part is the professional part, where the Member of Parliament responsible for the specific area of ​​expertise meets with representatives of different professions and different areas of expertise and discusses the most important issues in the specific area of ​​expertise, said Jacint Horvath, President of the Parliament. Head of DK Department.

About 250 people participated in the public forum in the hall of the HSMK Centre. The latest broadcast of our show called Kiszályő, which was produced by Ferenc Gyurcsány, can be watched on the Kanizsa Médiaház YouTube channel.


(Cover image: Kanizsa TV)

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