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This is how Peter Giste and his family lived in Bali for 3 months: Their lives weren’t about luxury – Home Star

This is how Peter Giste and his family lived in Bali for 3 months: Their lives weren't about luxury - Home Star

Peter Giste Recently returned from Bali. He and his family traveled to Indonesia and spent three months on the island in Southeast Asia.

Their old dream was to experience what it is like to live in a completely different environment, where language, culture and the whole environment do not affect them only as something new. They could not have chosen a better destination, they were completely enchanted by the environment of Eden.

Péter Geszti in Bali

It is typical for our family that we managed to achieve this in the middle of the covid epidemic, it was not easy for us to get there. However, in return we received the fact that the island was almost empty – he started his speech in focus.

Bali is an island twenty times smaller than Hungary, the jewel of Indonesia, a real tourist paradise. However, Péter Geszti did not choose this site for these reasons. They didn’t want a luxury vacation, their time abroad was about something completely different.

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– I think everyone dreams of going to a tropical island in the winter. I have to add

This was not a luxury trip. In terms of prices, you can live in Bali cheaper than Hungary.

– We went there because there was also a school of the same kind that our children go to at home, a French school. In the French country there are 400 such schools, it was very simple, the girls went there for two and a half months.

gesture 2

With stunning natural beauty, a sea of ​​calm and plenty of leisure time, it is completely recharged.

– I had the opportunity to think and take care of myself and be with my family. Going to school together, and coming home together. Walking on the ocean beach in the afternoon and having great conversations. It gave me a different focus on life.

Looking at our home life from afar brings many lessons.

Peter Giste’s wife

Peter Giste’s wife’s dress was a huge hit. Eddie Dietz looked very elegant at the show: she was presented to the paparazzi in a white, narrow-waisted image.

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