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The university organized a training course in orthopedic robotics – Semmelweis Hírek

The university organized a training course in orthopedic robotics – Semmelweis Hírek

For the first time, a workshop on kinetic robotics was organized at Semmelweis University. On December 19, participants were introduced to the latest technologies that can be used in knee replacement surgeries organized by the Orthopedic Clinic and the Institute of Pathological and Experimental Cancer Research. The long-term goal is for the university to cover the entire surgical spectrum available in robotics; Accordingly, the cadaver course is scheduled to be followed by a surgical course performed on a live patient in the spring of 2024.

At the opening of the workshop, Dr. Gyorgy Laszlo, State Commissioner of the Ministry of Economic Development, reminded us that innovation is a mindset, the essence of which is the search for new solutions to old problems in order to more effectively solve the challenges facing us.

At the same time, Dr. György László drew attention to the fact that the government transformed the structure of the domestic higher education system with the aim of taking into account not only scientific aspects, but also cost-benefit aspects. He added: “That is why I was pleased to confirm that the orthopedic robot used in the workshop can pay for itself after about 150 operations.”

Dr. Attila Szabó, Clinical Vice-Chancellor, said: Innovation in healthcare is an integral part of Semmelweis University as a globally recognized knowledge centre. In the latest Times Higher Education (THE) rankings, the university is among the top 1% of higher education institutions in the world. “There is no other way to maintain this situation or move forward, except through innovative renewal of higher education,” the Vice-Chancellor said.

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He stressed that it is not easy to keep up with the knowledge base that is renewed approximately every two years, and therefore with the emergence of the latest technologies also in surgery, but the university believes that it is important to be at the forefront in introducing them. Currently, robotic surgery is used in the field of abdominal surgery, gynecological and urological interventions in the institution's clinics; The doctor added that this line will be completed by otolaryngology at the beginning of 2024, and then by orthopedics, within which the technology may first become available during knee replacement surgeries and later during hip and shoulder surgeries. Attila Szabo.

Stating that raising funds for all this is a “specific goal” on the part of the university, the Vice-Chancellor then expressed his gratitude for the Government Commissioner’s support for the university’s innovation efforts, adding: He is sure that with joint work they will find a place for the project in the university’s patient care portfolio.

Dr. György Szocki, Director of the Orthopedic Clinic, noted in his welcoming speech: It is very important for them that the first robotics course focusing on orthopedic surgery is held at the university, and that they have a serious intention to fill the current gap in robotic surgery with the presented device. He also said that two of the clinic's employees have already completed an international training course, which gives them the opportunity to introduce this method as quickly as possible. Moreover, according to plans, they want to use the robotic method in a pilot program around January-February.

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By applying robotics in musculoskeletal surgery, the clinic can join the university robotics system, thanks to which a unique training center of its kind can be created at the regional level,” Dr. Zoltan Pejek, main organizer of the event and associate professor at the Orthopedic Clinic, told our website. over time. In addition to treatment and education, the device can also be used in research, as the robot operators are automatically linked to an international medical network, whose representatives constantly exchange ideas about the application. The machine collects technical – and by no means personal – data about surgeries, and although it is not artificial intelligence, it is constantly evolving.

This technology is also beneficial for patients, as in the case of manual orthopedic surgeries, such as knee implants, minor or major complaints may occur in about twenty percent of patients, and this rate is greatly improved by the robot due to its accuracy. In addition, surgeries performed in this way take less time, so the burden on patients is reduced in this respect as well.

Dr. Zoltan Pejek explained: Nowadays there are many robots designed for motor surgery, but he considers the robot designed by Smith & Nephew to be the most suitable, because unlike other machines, it is significantly lighter and smaller, so it can be moved between operating rooms. At the ceremony, Dr. spoke. Konstantinos G. Makridis, regional director of ScanMedic, which distributes Smith & Nephew's technology, also spoke.

Dr. Zoltan Pejek explained that the robot is based on a computer navigation system, which dates back more than two decades in Hungary: the Semmelweis Orthopedic Clinic received such a machine in 2002, the first of its kind in the country. Dr. Zoltan Pejek wrote his doctoral research on this topic, he also held training courses on this topic in domestic and foreign universities, he is familiar with various robots and, as he said, he would like computer navigation technology to develop as much as possible in the direction of robotics.

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Victoria Kiss, Santa Maria
Photo: Balint Barta – Semmelweis University; Smith and his nephew

The article was published by the Communications Directorate of Semmelweis University.

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