Viola: "I hope we can get some titles again in 2-3 years" - Fide defender's dream of a third European Championship

Viola: “I hope we can get some titles again in 2-3 years” – Fide defender’s dream of a third European Championship

a Fhairfar Mall Defender of the Hungarian national team bottle of Atilla He expressed his appreciation for Autumn and also spoke about his plans for 2022 on the club’s website.

– In general, we cannot be happy with what we achieved in the fall season, this team and this club are more dedicated, so I hope next year will be better. Viola started – Recently we have been able to build more on playing domestic matches, and there is still room for improvement in away matches. The victory came in our last away game, but we’ve never won, we’ve lost a lot of points, and we’re going to miss them. For the next half of the year we need to get rid of this so we can win these games the same way and then we can catch up at the table. This fourth place does not reflect what this team stands for, and we want to win the Hungarian Cup, so I hope after 2-3 years we can win some title again.

Viola said of the national team that she still has to do well in order to receive an invitation, she will be there week to week to do that and then she hopes to do well with the national team in the future as well. .

The 2016 World Cup was also a great experience, the European Championship 2021 was a great happiness for both the spectators and the Hungarian people, it cannot be described in words, but it is worth playing football and making a lot of sacrifices. Looking at my goal and matches, it still rocks a chill. I had the opportunity to play in the European Championship twice, and I hope they will give it again. That’s why soccer boots are worth wearing for anyone who takes the sport seriously. He understood the many sufferings over the past 23-24 years for these moments Viola closed.

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