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The Slovaks are in trouble: the intelligence chief has been suspended

The Slovaks are in trouble: the intelligence chief has been suspended

One of the former Alac MPs took over the leadership of SIS. During his interrogation, Michel Allaque denied his guilt and stated that he would not make another statement until after the obligation of secrecy was lifted.

He informed the Presidential Office that, according to the relevant laws, Slovak intelligence officers must be suspended from service, if their remaining in office harms the interests of the state or they are accused of committing crimes.

Acting Slovak Prime Minister Lajos Odor announced on Monday that he will propose the dismissal of Michal Alac at the next cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

If Álac remained in office, he would jeopardize the good reputation of state bodies in Slovakia and abroad and undermine the mutual trust invested in each other.

– The Prime Minister said, stressing that he does not take decisions based on emotions, but rather based on facts, in accordance with the law.

Like Odor Caputova, he supports the decision to dismiss the head of the intelligence service. The Acting Prime Minister of Slovakia is informed that the President of the Republic has already taken measures regarding the lifting of the obligation of secrecy on the arrested head of the Intelligence Service.

In addition to Alac, several police officers and high-ranking officials were indicted on August 17 by Slovak authorities for creating and supporting a criminal organization, abuse of office, and obstruction of justice. According to the charges, Alak and his colleagues deliberately obstructed investigations into corruption and other crimes, tried to discredit the work of law enforcement and crime prevention authorities, and created the appearance that investigators manipulated testimonies during the proceedings.

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