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Index – Overseas – A new British strain of Coronavirus has also emerged in Transylvania

Ten other patients were diagnosed with a new mutation of the coronavirus from Great Britain, and two samples of patients were in Cluj-Napoca, főté

Slap learned that a stakeholder in the county of Covasna and Szilágy currently lives in Cluj-Napoca. Of the other eight cases, six were in Bucharest and two were in the province of Valchia.

The Cluj-based newspaper remembered: 79 samples collected in 7 regions of the country were recently analyzed to see how many samples the new tribe caused the increasingly alarming. The British version was now present in 10 of 79 cases, which means that the incidence of the new strain is 12.6%, proving that this copy is more contagious than the original. Romanian public health professionals fear that if it continues this way, he may soon be the dominant breed in Romania as well.

There are only three laboratories in Romania where the mutant strain can be detected, so local experts say the data are only the tip of the iceberg. The new strain, among other things, mutated a so-called spike protein in the virus. This allows the pathogen to enter the human cell – making the new strain 70 percent more contagious than its “ancestor”. The good news is that according to the publications so far, the mutation does not cause symptoms more severe than the Wuhan coronavirus.

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