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The mother from Budapest who had moved to the country asked for oat milk: she was distracted from the village

The mother from Budapest who had moved to the country asked for oat milk: she was distracted from the village

A big dilemma for many people is whether countryside life Or the Urban lifestyle It is more optimized. While larger cities have more job opportunities and a greater opportunity to start a career, smaller towns cannot offer that, but in return it is much quieter. There are few professionals in the big city who do not occasionally dream of moving to the countryside one day, to the fresh air, silence and peace, where a loving community will welcome them. However, those who are wealthier can combine the two.

Rich people are happy to buy a vacation home in the countryside

Rebecca Teddy is a single mother living in London who works hard every day to provide as much as she can for her family. After saving enough money, he decided to buy a small holiday home in a village in Cornwall, a popular travel destination for Britons. That done, she started the renovation process with sparkling eyes and looked forward to coming here more often to relax with her family.

However, unfortunately, he found that the kind and welcoming rural community was missing. The locals looked at him very poorly and did not hide that they were unhappy that he appeared here so often from the capital. One day Rebecca went to the village café and asked for coffee with oat milk. Then the waiter became quite indignant and told him that he had better go back to London because he was not welcome here.

The negative reception was very bad for Rebecca. By the way, local residents are hostile not only to him, but also to all people who buy vacation homes here. Corolla is very popular and many Britons buy holiday homes here. However, because of this, the value of the property has risen unrealistically, meaning that local residents can no longer even access their homes, and are often forced to move so that residents of larger cities can purchase their appreciated homes as vacation rentals. There are several villages in this area where about 85 percent of the homes are holiday homes – writes A Mirror.

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