Virus and hacker attacks in the new year will not be missed either. Cyber ​​security experts AG Data say that cybercriminals are deploying artificial intelligence and multiple extortion virus attacks to achieve their goal, and the ability to try Android apps on Windows will provide a new attack surface.

The vast majority of cyberattacks will be launched in 2022 by organized groups that will share responsibilities for preparing, programming, and executing the attack. Experts at AG Data indicate that more and more legitimate and advanced tools are available for attackers. For example, Programming with Codex: An AI-based tool that aggregates commands issued in plain language into code, which reduces the risk of errors and creates new malware faster. In addition, attackers can use new programming languages, such as Kotlin or Swift, which makes malware difficult to detect because it is not supported by the tools used for analysis in virus labs.

However, Ji Datta said in a statement that current threats are also evolving. In multiple extortion attacks, criminals combine several means of attack. For example, data is stolen from companies, data on the network is encrypted, and this is compounded by an overload attack (DDoS). Finally, not only the company that was attacked, but also its customers are blackmailed into revealing the stolen confidential data.

According to AG data, small and medium businesses (SMEs) are interested in criminals because they do not usually have the same protections as large companies, yet they are often connected to their IT systems.

In addition to businesses, network-connected products such as vehicles, game consoles, kitchen or networked industrial equipment are an attractive target for criminals and critical infrastructure operators remain a target.

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