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Google's Photos function using AI is promising

Google's Photos function using AI is promising

Technology News – RealFill also proves that Alphabet (the parent company of Google) is spending a lot of money on artificial intelligence, that is, capable of creating content, because what has been revealed about the new function that has not yet been officially announced is not bad.

Google AI hardware is also available on its Pixel phones and Samsung devices, but the expansion won't stop there, as the tech company is reportedly working on RealFill, which will be especially useful for users who are prone to photography. The patent was filed by Google last week, and the company has already done so in the European (EUIPO) and American (USPTO) regions. The model works by providing non-downloadable software that uses artificial intelligence to draw images; It provides non-downloadable online software for creating generative models. The official description doesn't clearly specify what to expect, but the accompanying images explain it better.

This is not the first RealFill technology, as researchers from Google and Cornell University have previously worked on it together, and there is also a research paper entitled “Reference-Driven Generation for Authentic Image Augmentation” which explains that the technology is an existing image how to complete it using five reference images. It may be somewhat similar to an image generation technique called Stable Diffusion. But it's still not ideal, because compared to other options, RealFill is slower, and recovering the image from the last scene is not an easy task either. Text can also complicate or worsen the whole matter.

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Registering a patent does not automatically mean that the technology will eventually reach the public. Such trademarks are often registered, but not all of them will be finalized, so to speak. But it's certain that Google Photos or Pixel phones will get the technology in one form or another, but that too will have to wait. The initial result is very impressive, we don't dispute that.

Will Google unveil RealFill in some form this year? It would be surprising if not.

source: WCCFTech, Archives

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