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The feat was close, but the United States won the Women's Water Polo World Cup final by one goal

The feat was close, but the United States won the Women's Water Polo World Cup final by one goal

Ladies water polo toilet
USA – Hungary 8–7 (3–2, 2–2, 0–1, 3–2)
Doha. in: Buch (Spanish), Marcopoulo (Greek).
United State: Johnson-Musselman 1, Rani 1, Romer, Prentice, Stevens 2, Fattal 3. Replacement: Flynn, Gilchrist, Nicole 1, Mammoth, Sikulic. Union Captain: Adam Krikorian
Hungary: Magyari A.-Kestelli 2, Jurisati 1, Rybinska, Parks 1, Garda 2, Valley V. exchange: Nzmeli (goalkeeper), Dr. Szilagyi, Maheu, Lemaitre, K. Farago. 1, Horvath B. Union Captain: Sandor Shih and Attila Mihok
Exploiting human advantage: 3/12 sick. 7/1. Double human advantage: -, will. 2/1. It has been pointed out: Neuschul (30. p.)

1994 Rome, 2001 Fukuoka, 2005 Montreal, 2022 Budapest, 2024 Doha. The Hungarian women's water polo team was able to play in the World Championship final for the fifth time. Since the national team had won two of its last four finals and lost two, the question was what medal it would get after the showdown against the United States.

We've played close games with the Americans recently, so there was potential for a very exciting and exciting final. In the 2023 World Cup, the fifth-place match, disappointing for both sides, was decided only on penalties in favor of the foreign team, and based on the development of our last two encounters, we would not have been at all surprised if the final had been decided after just five metres.

We did not start the match well, and we were unable to overcome the mentality of excellent goalkeeper Johnson, and in the fifth minute the Americans already had a three-goal lead. We caught up quickly, first Garda scored from distance, then Parkes from the middle. In the last minute of the quarter, we could have attacked to equalize, but the Americans' goalkeeper was able to defend again. The beginning of the second quarter was not at the level of good defense, after a rapid change in goals, and after three minutes we were two goals behind, and the management decided to change the goalkeeper, as Boglarka Nesmeli replaced Alda Magyari. The move turned out to be a good exchange, as the Americans simply could not outsmart Nzemili, and they also managed to get within one goal of Farago's goal.

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At the start of the second half, the Neszmélyi show continued and although our opponent scored in the fifth minute of the quarter, we finally managed to calm down because the video referee ruled the goal away. We didn't finish well either, but shortly before the end of the third quarter, we finally managed to equalize with a Kuruc-Gorisati goal. The last half started like the first, like a nightmare, after five minutes we were three goals down again. But with a goal from Keszthelyi we were able to quickly reduce it, and after several good defences, with 57 seconds left, we came within one goal with a goal from Garda. The last American attack was neutralized, and although we were able to play the ball into the middle, we received no blow.

After the European Championship a month ago, perhaps no one would have imagined that we would be upset about losing the World Cup final in Doha. All praise to the girls who won the silver medal with a brilliant performance and also earned their ticket to the Paris Olympics.

Bronze match
Spain-Greece 10-9 (2-1, 4-4, 1-1, 3-3)

The final result

World Champion: USA (Emily Ausmus, Russell Fattal, Callie Gilchrist, Jenna Flynn, Ashley Johnson, Amanda Longan, Denise Mamolito, Madeline Musselman, Ryan Nichol, Tara Prentice, Jordan Raney, Joel Roemer, Jovanna Sekulic, Maggie Stevens, Baylee Weber ). Union Captain: Adam Krikorian). Hungary captain: Attila Mihok and Sandor Szeh), 3. Spain, 4. Greece, 5. Netherlands, 6. Australia, 7. Italy, 8. Canada, 9. New Zealand, 10. China, 11. Great Britain, 12. Kazakhstan 13 France 14. South Africa 15. Brazil 16. Singapore

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