2022 Aquatic World Cup – Swimming competition results Saturday

In the men’s 400 metres, Australian Elijah Winnington entered the field with an impressive final 50 meters behind him, and 3:41.22 minutes was the best of the past 10 years, faster than the last time Sun Sun of China finished her London Olympic victory by 3. : 40.14 minutes.

Katie Ledecky won the women’s 400m for the fourth time in her career.

Ledecky, with 16 gold medals behind Ryan Lochte, who finished second in the 16th World Cup title in his career, became the first swimmer to win two world titles with the same number at the same venue.

In this number, 15-year-old Canada Summer Mackintosh came in second.

Saturday results:


400m World Champion Speed:

Elijah Winnington (Australia) 3: 41.22 minutes
2. Lucas Martins (Germany) 3: 42.85
3- Guilherme Costa (Brazil) 3:43.31

400m medley, world champion:

Lyon Marchand (France) 4: 04.28 minutes
2. Carson Foster (USA) 4: 06.56
3. Chase Kalish (USA) 4: 04.47
… 8. Bally’s Hole 4: 15.17

World Champion in the 4x100m Relay:

US (Caleb Dressel, Ryan Heald, Justin Reese, Brooks Curry) 3:09.34 min
2. Australia (William Shuyang, Matthew Temple, Jack Cartwright, Kyle Chalmers) 3: 10.80
3. Italy (Alessandro Merisi, Thomas Ciccone, Lorenzo Zazzeri, Manuel Friggo) 3: 10.95
… 5. Hungary (Nondor Nima, Sebastia Sebastia, Richard Bosch, Christoph Milk) 3: 11.24


400m World Champion Speed:

Katie Ledecky (USA) 3:58.15 minutes
2. Summer Macintosh (Canada) 3: 59.39
3. Leah Smith (USA) 4: 02.08

World Champion in the 4x100m Relay:

Australia (Molly O’Callaghan, Madison Wilson, Meg Harris, Shayna Jack) 3: 30.95 minutes
2. Canada (Kayla Sanchez, Taylor Rock, Margaret McNeil, Penny Oleksiak) 3:32.15
3. US (Tori Husky, Erica Brown, Kate Douglas, Claire Krzan) 3:32.58
… 8. Hungary (Nicolette Bedir, Fanny Georenovics, Petra Sinansky, Dara Molnor) 3: 38.20

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