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The Chant will receive the DLC within days

The Chant will receive the DLC within days

One of the pleasant surprises this past fall was copper symbol Horror adventure game from the studio chant. In it, we can travel to a remote island, where we can seek peace of mind as a member of a small community, but of course we can find nightmares instead. The game wasn’t perfect, but overall it was an interesting game.

The developers have recently been working on a new DLC called The Gloom Below. In this, the story of the main game continues, and players cannot feel safe even after escaping from the island.

They are trapped in a surreal mix of Gloom and the real world, where they must fight new enemies to finally reach the heart of Gloom, which they must destroy. To do this, they can use new weapons and already known abilities are slightly revamped.

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The Chant has been released on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, and DLC is also expected for these platforms. Plus, it arrives completely free on September 12th. The only thing to watch out for is that nobody gets it as an automatic update, and you have to download it manually from online stores.

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