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Thanksgiving Day at BeregCamp – Serve the Lord with Joy

Thanksgiving Day at BeregCamp – Serve the Lord with Joy

For nearly a quarter of a century, Najihiji in Birgi has provided a Christian camp venue where hundreds of young people have the opportunity to relax and recharge their batteries during the summer. Here on the mountain, people marvel again and again at the Creator’s wonderful creation, feel closer to God, and that this is the place “where the heart finds peace.” It’s good to come back here again and again, to get stronger, say the participants returning from the camps.

This year, more than 750 children were able to camp here. And on August 27, the organizers and teachers gave thanks for this.

Thanksgiving Day participants were greeted by Simon Sandor, Director of BeregCamp, with the words of Psalm 150: “Praise the Lord! Praise God in His sanctuary, Praise Him in the firmament of power! Praise Him for His great deeds, Praise Him as befits His greatness! (…) May every soul praise Him God!”

Laszlo Toth, Pastor of Nagyberegi and Dean of the Reformed Diocese of Beregi, encouraged devotional service and thanksgiving through the 100th Psalm: “Serve the Lord with joy, advance before Him with joy! (…)

Thank him, bless his name! For the Lord is good, and His love and faithfulness are forever from generation to generation.” The preacher drew attention to the fact that not every service is a service to God. In the church, but it will be quite a different matter when we stand among those who serve as the children of God.” If you truly belong to God, you will see where he wants you to serve, and since he has chosen you, he will make you fit to do the job for him. I find joy in what I do, I am where I am, and all that surrounds me, whatever the results of what I do, I know that the Lord has put me there, that is the task He has given me.. Sometimes, unfortunately, we cannot serve with pure joy, because it seems As if our work is fruitless, we see the blessings of service in a different way, and we do not experience the results. And do not forget: We do not do the work in human hearts, but the Holy Spirit of God, we are chosen tools in the hands of the Lord. He works, and his work will have blessed results. And so that Serve with joy, you have to see the purpose Laszlo Toth concluded his thoughts by serving joyfully not for the sake of results, not for the sake of successes, not for the sake of numbers, not for the sake of the lives given, but for the sake of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thanksgiving Day at BeregCamp – Serve the Lord with Joy. Photo: Ezercebet Kovacs

After the sermon, Simon Joseph, Leader of the Transcarpathian Children’s Evangelization Society (GyEK), speaking about the theme of the camp this year – astronomy – said that this time they did not draw the children’s attention to the importance of the moon landing, but rather talked about its impact on astronauts, and how it changed This happened in their lives, how they experienced God’s presence, and how they then testified about God in front of tens of thousands. They testified to how important it was for Jesus to put his foot on the ground rather than set foot on the moon.

Afterwards, the camp leaders gave a report on the service taking place in the camp, and the Maranatha Youth Praise Band and Kisbegany Reformed Church Choir served.

BeregCamp weeks are very popular. What does this give you over other camps?

By the grace of God Almighty, we had 11 group camps this year. We camped for twelve weeks, and there was also a group for two weeks. Over the summer, a total of 867 people participated in the programme, including 100 teachers, 751 children, 40 kitchen helpers and seven health workers. This data is not entirely accurate, because among the teachers there were also young people who participated as assistants, but I also classified them as children. However, the total number is accurate. We must be grateful to these people, helpers, teachers and young people. Here, children can get away from their usual environment, meet their peers, make friends, play lots of games, experience real camp life, but most importantly, they can hear about God. This year, besides the Transcarpathian children, there were also children from Kiev and Limburg in the mission, and we also had church camps.

“Thanksgiving was celebrated today…”

– I think that if we asked God for this opportunity, and He gave it and kept us, we should be thankful for that. Before opening camp with the staff – and every day during camp – we prayed for spiritual renewal. Our goal is for children to come to faith so they can get to know Jesus better.

Thanksgiving Day at BeregCamp - Serve the Lord with Joy.  Photo: Ezercebet Kovacs
Thanksgiving Day at BeregCamp – Serve the Lord with Joy. Photo: Ircept Kovacs

We know that this cannot be done without God. Over the summer, we tested how keen the children were to learn more about the Savior and to draw closer to God. And for this we have to thank.

“Bless the name of the Lord, O His servants!” says one of our singers. We stand before him today with a thankful heart, and we praise him unceasingly.

Ercept Kovacs

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