European Kayak Championships: Great Hungarian start at 500m

European Kayak Championships: Great Hungarian start at 500m

MTI writes that during the 500-meter preliminaries, six Hungarian kayaks took off on Thursday, the first day of the European Kayak Championships in Poznan, and four of them reached the finals simultaneously.

Balint Kopasz in European men’s kayak in the 1000m heats
(Photo: MTI/EPA/PAP/Adam Warzawa)


Five-time Olympic champion Cossack Danuta Kayak presented itself with a superior victory in the competition of some, and then after an hour and a half also won its qualifying in the other pentathlon, doubles. Bodoni Duraval. Both successes mean the middle race can be skipped, and Kozak and Monday can already prepare for Sunday’s final and Saturday’s doubles final.

world champion in Gyor, Balint Copasz In the shorter run, he continues where he left off in the morning, having finished first in the 1000m, and snatched first place in the final at 500pm, so he will be interested in the finals on Friday.

According to the battle website, the Jonathan Hajdu, dám Fekete The second boat qualified for second place in Friday’s final while Palent Noi, Tamas Kolevay Kayak Duo (4th place) and canoe To kiss Balázs (5.) On Friday he still has to “take an extra test” in the middle race.

In this term, canoe Bala flower or a Ball, Treasure Weaver The duo – who is already a sure Olympic athlete – are also finalists, with only one candidate, or nine units, nominated by those numbers. The quartet of 500 (Istvan Cole, Peter Molnar, Pence Nadas, Sandor Tota, Dora Lukes, Tamara Cepes, Anna Karasz and Dora Bodoni) will start their Friday morning performance with the preliminary race.

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The finals are held on the second day of the European Championships, in each of the five Friday races – men’s K-2 1000m, women’s K-4 1000m, women’s C-1500m, men’s C-2500m and K-men’s. 1500 AD would be a Hungarian ship.


500m Front and Middle Races 9.00
1000m Medium Run 10.20
Preliminaries 200m 11.00
1000m and 500m with middle races 12.00
1000m and 500m Finals 14.06.16
500m middle race 17.30
200m and 500m middle races 9.00
1000m, 500m and 200m Finals 10.20
1000, 500 and 200m Finals 8.45
5000m Final 14.08.2018


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