Due to climate change, there is an increasing need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The graph clearly shows which countries need to make the most effort.

Global warming is necessary for life to exist on Earth, but environmental pollution has corrupted the otherwise well-functioning system. The atmosphere is already full of greenhouse gases that have led to global warming. the Global Carbon Atlas Data on emissions has been collected since 2013. According to the latest data summarizing 2021, the world’s biggest polluters are China, the United States and India, which account for 52 percent of global emissions.

Create graphs from data Visual capitalist Notes: These are also the most populous countries.

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The most polluting country in the world is China, responsible for 30.9 percent of global emissions. The United States comes in second place (15.32%), while India adds 7.3% of emissions to the global volume.

Historically, the United States is the largest emitter, releasing 422 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the air since the Industrial Revolution. This corresponds to approximately a quarter of the total carbon dioxide generated by fossil fuels and industrial activities.

India’s emissions are expected to increase further, reaching 10% of total emissions by 2030. At the same time, countries are trying to reduce their emissions. The United States has set a goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, China will be carbon neutral by 2060, and India will achieve the same goal by 2070. The question is whether it is not too late.

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