NASA researchers developed the nickel-hydrogen battery four decades ago, which is used by the International Space Station and the Hubble Space Telescope. An American company claims to have reformulated the technology into an affordable form for ground application.

EnerVenue develops sustainable, long-life battery technology. Although its basis is in space — NASA uses it, for example, to power the International Space Station and the Hubble Space Telescope — the solution being developed could actually be used on Earth, he writes. Interesting geometry.

NASA’s nickel-hydrogen battery technology performs well in space because it can withstand extreme conditions — such as rapid and extreme temperature swings. For this reason, they are safe, last a long time, are recyclable, do not produce toxic waste, and do not pose a fire hazard due to their chemical composition. Basically the problem is that it is a very expensive building.

EnerVenue is built on the idea of ​​Ji Chui, a scientist at Stanford University. Choi reformulated NASA’s nickel-hydrogen battery so that a much cheaper version could be used on Earth.

According to Georg Heinemann, the company’s president, the new technology can replace traditional batteries in the long term, and the new type of battery will be much safer than traditional lithium-ion packs.

EnerVenue is currently opening a 93,000-square-foot factory where it promises to produce affordable batteries.

The new batteries can withstand 30,000 charge cycles – that is, they can be charged and discharged many times without significantly losing capacity – allowing for up to 30 years of operation.

The company believes that the technology can also enhance the use of renewable energy sources, as the energy generated from them can be stored more efficiently. The company believes that the project will be able to enter people’s homes later.

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