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The art installation thrilled Kontio fans, but perhaps that was the point.

A strange photo, raising quite a few questions, has begun to circulate on mainly Spanish-speaking social media: it shows a broken-down blue Tesla, which appears to have been hit by the head of a colossal statue.

The registration took place in the Roma area of ​​Mexico City and sparked the imagination of many conteo manufacturers. In the end, of course, it turns out that the UFOs did not place the Olmec statue on the car, nor was the image created by artificial intelligence. The whole thing is an art installation created by Chavis Marmol. The head is a replica of the statue carved in stone, weighs about nine tons, and the car is a Tesla Model 3.

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Work is a Newtamemy Part of the series, in which Marmol, among other things, formulates sharp critiques of capitalism using Olmec iconography.

The artist aims to make you think about community functioning, identity and historical roots. Elon Musk's new Mexican car plant gives the installation clear significance.

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