According to Timothy Leighton, a researcher at the University of Southampton, it would be enough to shoot sound waves at Jupiter’s moon to find out if there is life under its thick icy shield.

Timothy Leighton designed software that can simulate how a person’s voice changes on different planets based on the information found. Mars, for example, has a thin, carbon-rich atmosphere that absorbs more sound than Earth’s. This means that noises far away seem weaker than those on our planet.

A scientist from the University of Southampton believes that after so many cameras have been sent into space as research tools in the past decades, we should now focus more seriously on sound. Thanks to NASA’s Mars mission, for example, we were able to hear the sound of an alien planet for the first time.

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According to him, the method can also be good for searching for traces of alien life forms.

According to some assumptions, something like this could happen on Jupiter’s icy moon Europa. However, for scientists to be sure of this, a huge investment is needed – both in terms of materials and technology.

“The idea of ​​sending a probe on a seven-year journey into space and then drilling down to the sea floor presents amazing challenges for science,” Leighton said at the NASA conference. “Europe’s ocean is a hundred times deeper than Earth’s Arctic Ocean, and the ice sheet is about a thousand times thicker. That is why, instead of tentacles, sound waves must be sent under the ice and then wait for them to return after reflection. The researcher was quoted as saying Interesting geometry.

According to Laton, a better understanding of how sound travels in the solar system could greatly affect our ability to understand and explore the universe.

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