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5th and 8th place on ob

5th and 8th place on ob

5th and 8th place on ob

Following Saturday's individual competition, today's fencers competed as a team in the Junior National Championships.

The women's and men's team competitions were held on the second day of the junior saber competitions, which were organized at the BHSE hall. The boys were the first to enter the field, and the quartet of Sabi Vinci, Marcel Banyai, Chael Soma and David Balke easily won 45:27 over Nyiregyhaza among the 16.

Unfortunately, the quarter-final match does not go well against TFSE (the team that eventually wins the tournament). Although DEAC was still in the lead after the first two periods, the Budapest team then took the lead and won confidently 45:28.

So our duelists are 5-8. They continued to fight for the place. The match against Vasas 2 was a very close battle, with only two rounds to win, unfortunately in favor of the Angels. The last competition for 7th place took place against BVSC 2 team, and here we also lost by two strokes, so we finished in 8th place.

David Palk, Soma Chell, Marcel Banyai, Vince Sabey

After that, the main role belonged to the girls. The DEAC team of Kis Abigél, Csenge Kónya, Liliána Tóth and Eila Glotte had their first stop in the quarterfinals, where they lost to UTE 45:37. 5-8. However, the Debrecen girls performed confidently and won by 45:23 over BHSE. The BVSC team had to fight for fifth place, and DEAC successfully overcame this obstacle thanks to their victory with a time of 45:32.

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National Junior Sword Championships, BHSE Hall, Team
Round of 16: DEAC-Nyíregyházi Sports Center 45:27 (Sápi +8, Bányay +7, Czill +3)
Quarter final: DEAC–TFSE 28:45 (Sápi +1, Balc -4, Bányay -7, Czill -7)
5-8. For a place: DEAC–Vasas 2 43:45 (Sápi +5, Bányay -2, Czill -5)
For seventh place: DEAC–BVSC 2 43:45 (Banyai +4, Balek +3, Saby -2, Ciesel -7)

Quarter final: DEAC – UTE 37:45 (Konya +5, GLUT -2, TOTH -4, KES -7)
5-8. For a place: DEAC-BHSE 45:23 (Glut +10, Toth +6, Konya +5, Bag +1)
For fifth place: DEAC–BVSC 45:32 (Konya +9, Glut +3, Kiss +3, Toth -2)

Cover Photo: DEAC Women's Junior Team (Abigail Case, Xing Cunha, Liliana Toth, Ella Gluti)

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